The quality of decisions and operations in your forest today, will have a major impact on your forest's value in the future

Venture Forestry provide quality advice and a comprehensive range of services to owners and managers of forests and woodlots throughout Otago, Southland and the wider South Island of New Zealand. 

We can assist you from the initial planning and planting phase, to managing your forest as it grows, right through to the harvesting and marketing of your logs. 

Utilising Venture Forestry's services, enables you to draw on the experience of professionals - educated in the industry, who understand the full forest life cycle, and are committed to your region, who will be on hand when it’s time to realise that value. 

If you want trustworthy, independent and professional support for your forestry activities from a dedicated forest adviser keen to help you make the most of your forestry interests, enquire with Venture Forestry today

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